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We're in it for love...
Sharing our love of crafting with other volunteers is a very important part of our ministry. We enjoy teaching others how to sew, crochet, knit, make rosaries, and generally work with their hands. 

O​ur volunteers have made from yarn many hats for newborns and homeless people. We also make small quilts for families welcoming new babies, as well as "comfort quilts" for people coping with severe illness or cancer--many of these are made with repurposed blue jeans. We make sure to include at least one pocket on each one--convenient for tucking in a rosary.

We teach crafting to anyone willing to learn.
Comfort quilt made from donated jeans.
Rosary-making supplies.
Grocery bags recycled.
Even the loom was handmade by a volunteer's
Denim ready to go.
A baby's gown.
Crafters learn techniques to make a baby gown.
W​e are also very glad to get items such as clothing, hats, gloves, underwear, socks, and toiletries. We collect these things and sort them and make sure they find their way to people who truly need them.
One ministry very dear to all of us is the creation of bereavement gowns. We offer these gowns via area hospitals and funeral homes as a touch of beauty to ease the ugly reality of death. We recognize the dignity of these precious and irreplaceable infants whose lives, though momentary, have eternal worth. We hope to honor, as well, the sorrowful cross of each family. These garments are made from donated and deconstructed wedding dresses--each one as unique as the child who wears it. 

Collecting Hope
We're crafting for Christ.
Nana’s Room was started March 1, 2017 by St. Martin of Tours parishioner Gail Welch Ray, inspired with a deep desire to teach sewing and crafting skills to anyone who wanted to learn,to help create goods and do good in the name of Jesus Christ. Through Him all things were created--we hope to make His loving presence known and felt in this world.​ 

We welcome your support, participation, and donations.
We try to make the most of every opportunity to reuse and recycle materials. We collect plastic grocery bags. These bags are cut into strips. Then the strips are rolled into balls. With the balls of strips, we create sleeping mats which are handed out to homeless people. The mats are created both by crocheting them and by weaving them.

The mats created are not only surprisingly soft, offering a person a much more comfortable sleeping surface than cold, hard concrete--they are dirt resistant and lightweight--and they can even be used as blankets and are amazingly warm. Plus, we include straps to make the mats easy to roll up and to carry.
Nana's Room is a crafts group sharing knowledge of hand crafts with our volunteers and performing works of charity through cooperative crafting and Christian fellowship. We are associated with St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Flaherty, Kentucky.
Our fellowship crafters make hundreds of rosaries which have been distributed to area parishes in our area. Many of our rosaries have been given to St. James Catholic Church in Elizabethtown to assist in their faithful service to parishioners from our region who need Holy Communion brought to them while they are in the hospital.
Preventing Waste
Offering Comfort
Offering Consolation